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LeasePlan is the world's leading high-touch service provider for vehicle leasing and fleet management.

A Fundamental Course in Leasing:   Companies, typically, have two options for acquiring fleet vehicles: purchasing or leasing. Each of these options offer different advantages, so it is important to...
How to make a positive impact on your Fleet Drivers:   Most fleet managers have encountered risky fleet drivers at one point or another. And, more likely than not, it has been the fleet manager's...

News Bulletins

March 09, 2016
Government will save taxpayers $3 million a year by switching to electronic reminders for...
March 09, 2016
Below are the Road Canada ETA's for Roadside Assistance in major Canadian regions, updated at 6:...
March 04, 2016
Beginning February 28, 2016, customers will be advised at their next policy renewal or update that...