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Fuel fraud and how to avoid it

The holiday season is typically the most popular time for fuel fraud to strike. And fleet fuel cards are a common target.

Though we at LeasePlan Canada have one of the most secure purchasing tools in the industry, and as a result have seen very little fraud over the past few years, it could still happen. 

The Quebec Provincial Police are warning of current fraud in the marketplace. Thieves take advantage of distracted holiday travellers, but there are ways to avoid fuel fraud now and throughout the year:

  • First and foremost, pay inside the fuel station. While Pay at the Pump is quicker and more convenient, it does pose the highest risk.
  • If you must pay outside, chose a pump that is in clear view of the attendant and avoid outside lane pumps. These are the ones that are typically targeted for the installation of cloning devices.
  • Memorize you PIN numbers and shield the keypad from the view of others.
  • Always review the purchase for accuracy BEFORE signing or finalizing with your PIN number entry.

For more information on how you can help reduce the risk of fraud hitting your fleet, contact us at 1-855-588-3677.