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Hidden Costs Calculator

Our fleet management programs help your drivers to be more efficient by keeping them on the road and productive.

Edit the values below to discover the hidden costs of driver downtime. Together, let's make your team more efficient.

Cost of Driver Downtime and Lost Productivity
{{ numveh*eta*monthlyfills*billingrate/60 + wage*eta*monthlyfills*numveh/60 | currency }}
{{ numveh*eta*monthlyfills*billingrate/5 + wage*eta*monthlyfills*numveh/5 | currency }}
Driver Hourly Wage $ per hour
{{ wage/60 | currency}} per minute
Extra time enroute to a specific fuel station minutes
Monthly Fillups/Vehicle per vehicle
Number of Company Vehicles
Monthly cost of downtime for the fleet {{ wage*eta*monthlyfills*numveh/60 | currency }}
Lost business opportunity spent on the road {{ eta*monthlyfills | number:0}} minutes
Billable service rate $ per hour
Monthly lost revenue per vehicle {{ eta*monthlyfills*billingrate/60 | currency }}
Monthly lost revenue entire fleet {{ numveh*eta*monthlyfills*billingrate/60 | currency }}