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Funding Your Fleet

Enjoy the flexibility to choose funding options that fit the needs of your organization.


Flexibilty and Reduced Administration

The open-end lease frees up your company's working capital while providing reduced administration.  This very common lease type has only a 12 month minimum lease term, and provides the flexibility and economics of ownership with off-balance sheet reporting (exceptions may apply).

When you partner with LeasePlan, you not only get the flexibility that comes with this lease type, but you...

LeasePlan bears the risk, so you can walk away

Select a closed-end lease if your company wants a walk away option. Under a closed-end lease, the lessor, LeasePlan, assumes residual risk while while you benefit from an easy-to-budget fixed lease payment.

At the end of the fixed lease term, you may have a renewal or purchase option. LeasePlan works closely with each client to determine the exact mileage and terms for each...

For clients that retain ownership of their vehicles, LeasePlan offers a Vehicle Purchase Program that gives you the ability to acquire your own vehicles while taking advantage of our expertise and purchasing power. Also, you can access your vehicle's data quickly and easily via our online fleet management tool, LeasePlan Online.

When weighing your options whether to lease your fleet vehicles, reimburse your drivers or both there are many variables to consider in order to select the best solution for your company and drivers. These key points will help you make an educated decision between the two fleet management strategies.